Hole 11

Nice improvements were made at the tees to provide as much teeing area as possible with all at the same level.  The steep slope down from the path was drawn out and should make for an easier walk.   A new tee was added ahead of the path on the right for green marker use.  More tee shots from those players should now reach the surface.  While the hole presents itself similarly, the green surface was altered to be more receptive of the tee shot.  The green now slopes to the front right corner and the previous small shelf in the back has been enlarged.  A small drop divides the back portion into left and right with the right being a little lower.  The hillside along the right was improved and playability should be improved there with better deflections down onto the green.  The fairway approach area was shortened to reduce the number of balls rolling all the way down that come up short off the tee.

Playing tips– Don’t be afraid to use the right hillside to stay away from the danger left.  Moreso than before, long is also a safe play.  Just avoid that back left edge fall off.


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