Hole 12

By using the new property for holes 14 and 15 we were afforded the opportunity to make some nice changes to this short Par 5.  Well designed short Par 5’s most often present the longer players something to carefully consider if they desire to go for the green in 2 while allowing for a safe conservative route for others to take.  This approach has been implemented with a redesign to the top end of the hole.  With the green relocated to the far left and an additional 100’ of Crane Creek opened back up, numerous options have been created for the golfer to consider when setting up their playing strategy for the hole.  A new left fairway bunker is located 40 yards short of the green and defines distinct areas for a lay-up approach on the 2nd shot though those areas are wide and accommodating.  Each provide different looks into the green for the 3rd shot.  A creative green design consists of a smaller green that is divided into a lower left and upper right sides.  Fairway runs up to the right side at the approach and as designed all areas of the green can be reached with a run-up attempt that is properly aligned.  A deep left greenside bunker suggests the need for accuracy when flying a ball into a left pin.  A back left bunker help put a premium on a properly placed lay-up on the right.  The attractive new section of creek, while highly visible, is for the most part out of play except for the overly aggressive poorly executed 2nd shot.

Playing tips-  Know your game and play to it.  Right side of the fairway off the tee opens things up for the 2nd.  Pin position will determine where you want to position yourself for your approach.  Do not hesitate to use a running approach, but be aware of the bump on the front right of the green.  The drop down to the lower portion of the green is not as big as it appears.


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