Hole 13

As members make the turn to head back down, they will be encounter an entirely new golf hole.  This big and bold par 3 plays downhill 245 yards from the tips.  But not to worry, there are 7 tee boxes that will provide a broad range of yardages down to 130 yards at the front.  The intent of the design is for players to be faced with a different yardage set-up each day.  More than 12’ of fill was imported to the middle of the old 14th fairway to establish the new green as an extension of the ridgeline that runs down from the right.  The fairway extends down into the open approach to the green surface.  The front ½ of the green surface tilts to the line of play, but then transitions and runs away to the back.  A large sprawling bunker flanks the left side suggesting the safer option up the right side.  The forms and slopes in the approach and  right side have been designed to allow the golfer to stay low if preferred and use the ground to feed the ball onto the green with a short running tee shot.  Combined, these elements are borrowed from core traits of a classic Redan.

Playing tips – While better players might have the game to come in high and hold their approach, many might find the better play is to stay low or short into the approach and allow the ball to feed onto the green as it’s designed.  This will make the hole play much shorter than the posted yardage with consideration to the wind of the day.  Err right where balls can deflect off the mound onto the green, but not too far right as recovery shots from down the hill will be treacherous.  Keep in mind the traits of the redan which suggest the best line is not always direct.  



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