Hole 14

The new property has afforded us with the opportunity to introduce two entirely new golf holes.  The first is a mid length par 4 that runs up the east side of the isolated valley.  7 tees extend the hole out to 438 yards from the tips and down to 290 from the front, maximizing playability for all golfers.  An existing creek bed crosses in front of all but the shortest tee as it comes down from the right.  A new creek now extends along the left of the first leg in the rough and create separation from adjacent hole 15.   The hole is generally wide and accommodating throughout, except where pinched by the creek as it turns in and disappears under the fairway at the far end of the first landing area.  The creek reemerges along the right side of the approach and is accented by a native grass and sand bunker below the green.  Set on an angle to the line of play, the green has two distinct levels that are pitched in slightly different directions.  A bunker guards the upper back portion on the right but is complimented by a kicker slope all along the left edge.

Playing tips– Ignore what appears as danger on all sides off the tee as the fairway and rough are plenty wide.  Pin location will dictate proper positioning of the drive and a resulting easier approach angle.  With an open front and kicker mound on the left, there is no reason on the approach to err right where danger lurks.  It’s uphill so club selection is key.


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