Hole 16

We return to the original routing at the 16th but golfers are faced with a new angle on their drive.  The tees have shifted left to where previous 15 green was situated and the result is a fun and dynamic risk reward tee shot.  Members will have to learn what line to take across the canyon that is safe yet aggressive enough to gain distance down the hole.  An exciting improvement to the hole is the reshaped and “laid back” slope on the right.  The resulting wider fairway on the first leg as well as a more aesthetically pleasing look to the hole overall.  Cart access is also greatly improved.  A new forward tee has been added beyond the low.  A new green design instills the best attributes of the old green with the back portion falling away.  The fronting bunker is removed to allow additional approach options again.  A new “hanging pin” position is created as the green now extends left and closer to the canyon edge.

Playing tips–  It will take golfers a few rounds to figure out their best line off the tee.  Those choosing an overly safe line are going to find the hole playing longer.  A bump and run approach into the green may be a nice option for some.  Be careful of the humpback.


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