Hole 18

Simple improvements were made to the tees and path that allow new daily set-up options and provide a cleaner look to the area.  The pond has been entirely rebuilt deeper and with a cleaner defined edge.  Water can now be kept in the pond throughout the year resulting in a more attractive feature from the clubhouse.  Storm overflow is also now directed away from the tennis building.  The pond shape has changed and water now extends up-stream and a little closer to the tees at the landing area.  It was also shifted left and fairway now extends directly to the green along the right resulting in improved playability for those wanting to avoid a carry over the water on their approach.  The green has also moved left and is perched along the pond edge.  Most of the surface pitches towards the pond and is designed to receive shots played over the pond.  The front right tilts towards the new fairway approach.  A bunker back right will catch the errant deep approach and keep it in play.  A bunker has been cut into the backdrop to provide a dramatic look to the finishing hole but is divided from the green by a shallow swale.

Playing tips– As before, tease the ponds edge for a better lie.   Just make sure you learn where the pond is now and adjust accordingly.  Playing over the pond trust your yardage, there is plenty of open green available.  Something wagered will of course narrow your focus, as well as the look over the water.  Be sure to use that new fairway around the right to another wide open entry.  


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